Northside Florist Testimonials

Kathy of Northside Florist was very easy to work. She was very patient with me as I was very unsure of my color pallet. I liked that she used pictures I found for inspiration and was able to create my idea within my budget. She really nailed my vision for the flowers.


When looking for a florist, I really looked for variety. After meeting with Kathy of Northside Florist and seeing her work, I knew that she could make my vision come alive. I felt completely comfortable with giving her artistic freedom. To no surprise, Kathy outdid herself; when I walked into the ballroom for the first time, I was blown away!

I was looking for someone reliable and professional who could transform a room. I had been to several Northside Florist weddings and the flowers and decorations were just stunning. Kathy of Northside Florist made my vision come alive; she completely exceeded our expectations. The bouquets, amazing candelabras with crystals and flowers on the cake were absolutely perfect. Some of my guests told me that my wedding “looked like it came out of a magazine or a Pinterest board”.


Northside Florist is fabulous! They have amazing reviews online and seriously impressed me beyond my wildest expectations. They were so easy to work with and the centerpieces were absolutely beautiful.


My husband and I were very careful in selecting our vendors. We would not hire a vendor unless we fell in love with them. I must have met with five or six different florist companies. My ultimate decision was based on professionalism, organization, being open to my ideas, a high quality portfolio, and reasonably priced. Kathy of Northside Florist really impressed me because she embodied all of the qualities I was looking for. She seemed to really be in tune with what I wanted and tried to accommodate my ideas.

My wedding would not have been what it was if it weren’t for the flowers. It really set the tone and ambiance that we were going for. Kathy of Northside Florist and her team are the most kind and professional people out there. She really understood my vision from the beginning which may not have been the easiest concept to relay: elegant, yet relaxed tropical vibe, without the use beach decorations “ sand, shells, etc. The arrangements were stunning and added to the elegance of the room. Kathy was amazing to work with, and you can feel that she truly loves what she does.


Elegance comes in all sizes. Northside Florist is savvy enough to custom fit your desires with your available budget. We can make lavish custom designs, small intimate settings and everything in between.

Kathy was fantastic! I emailed her pictures of what I wanted for our Fall/Autumn themed wedding and she brought our vision to life in an even more beautiful way than I could have anticipated. My bouquet brought tears to my eyes “ absolutely stunning!

We must have met with over a dozen companies. I was looking for something very specific when it came to my florals and wanted to find a florist who understood that. Meeting with Kathy of Northside Florist was a breath of fresh air. She has a wonderful personality and just listened to what I was looking for. She made me feel so relieved and I knew that I was getting quality with her.

Kathy of Northside Florist was fabulous. She had some really great ideas and was such a pleasure to work with, plus her prices were totally reasonable. I gave her a little direction and she ran with it. I was so happy with all of the arrangements she put together.

We were looking for someone who could rent us many of the decorations required since we were not going to bring anything with us on the plane. Northside Florist did an amazing job. With only one meeting, they were able to replicated exactly what I wanted. I was able to simply give them pictures and an even better version of what I asked for was at our wedding.

We wanted a florist that understood our ideas and made them come to life. Northside Florist understood what we were looking for and they were reasonably priced.

Northside Florist totally exceeded my expectations. Seriously, I was in love with my bouquet, so much so that I asked Kathy to become a preferred vendor for my business, an elite matchmaking service.”

Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life. Creating a romantic vision for years of loving memories is our goal at Northside Florist.

When I met with Kathy at Northside Florist, she instantly knew what I wanted and we were able to talk back and forth about my ideas to create the best look. The flowers were amazing! They helped transform an ordinary ballroom to our perfect wedding. I was expecting great flowers from Kathy, but what we got was spectacular! I was in awe the first time I saw the ballroom all setup.

“I only wanted ivory flowers, nothing colored. I knew since I was only going to have ivory flowers, the arrangements would need to be even more beautiful. From my first meeting with Kathy of Northside Florist, she understood what my vision was and made great additions to finish my thoughts. We clicked right away and she made something that could have been stressful, easy. People still talk about how beautiful the tables were.

We chose Northside Florist because we immediately fell in love with Kathy’s ideas and openness. I have seen a lot of her beautiful floral work at other weddings, and we both knew she would be able to deliver exactly what we were looking for. Kathy created a wedding bouquet I loved so much that I had it preserved in a shadow box so I can enjoy it for many years to come.


I chose Northside Florist after visiting over a handful of florists in the Tampa Bay area. They are very flexible, personable, and will put in the time to make your vision a reality. Kathy completely understood my vision and assured me that she would take care of everything.”

“I chose Northside Florist because Kathy, the owner, was able to create what I had in mind when I described my vision for my wedding and her prices were fairly reasonable.

When choosing a wedding florist I wanted to feel comfortable with them, because I wanted to feel like I could contact them and bounce ideas off of them and feel like we were getting the same vision. Kathy at Northside Florist did a remarkable job. She was warm and personable and has many years of experience and really understood the look I was going for. The colors were beautiful, the flowers were gorgeous and they literally pulled everything together: from the mason jars with hydrangea lining the aisle to the bouquets, floral centerpieces and branch centerpieces. It was everything I could’ve hoped for and more!


Kathy was amazing, and she more than exceeded my greatest expectations. All of the flowers were perfectly arranged, fresh and exactly what I wanted. They set up everything around the altar including the white flowy chiffon. Everything looked so beautiful in the sunset with the water sparkling. I was truly impressed and so were all my guests!

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